— Water Show, view in the Abstract Gallery

Travel the World through Jacqueline's Eyes

From the quiet and unassuming beauty of an American town, to the delightful challenge of cityscape photography, to the inspiring and breathtaking heights of the Himalayas, Jacqueline's travel photography takes you on a visual journey to some of the world's most picturesque locations. She voyages from her studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to the far-off places some can only dream of seeing, focusing her camera on evocative scenes that captivate the hearts, minds, and imaginations of viewers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

Indian Man

— Red Turban, view in the India Gallery

Composed with Color & Light

With the help of her prize-winning digital process, Jacqueline's colorful photos blur the line between photography and painting. Her images of Provincial France and Tuscany are gently transformed from simple photographs to what many insist looks like a brushstroke painting, conveying an abstract, romantic feeling that captures the shifting beauty of the landscape. The effect works well on paper as well as canvas and is particularly bold when combined with a black and white color scheme.

From Turkey to Tibet, the gallery at Photography by Jacqueline M. Lewis spans the globe. Her fine art photography portfolio includes images from her travels in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, featuring towering Venetian cathedrals, cosmopolitan cityscape photography, vast Australian landscapes, and historic American landmarks.

Across the Globe

Sculpture Through Sculpture - Zeus And Trajan - View in the Turkey Gallery

— Sculpture Through Sculpture - Zeus And Trajan, View in the Turkey Gallery

Lascaux Cave Paintings - View in the France Gallery

— Lascaux Cave Paintings
View the Provincial France Gallery

Chartres Cathedral - View in the France Gallery

— Chartres Cathedral
View the Provincial France Gallery

— Taj Mahal, view in the India Gallery

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— Venice, view in the Venice Gallery

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